The Swan Pub
This is Mr Arthur Bird pictured outside the Swan Inn around 1940 when he was the landlord there.

The base of the building has been constructed as colour washed brickwork and the top is timber framed, infilled with colourwashed brick. We believe the building to date from C17,although there appears to have been an inn here from around 1550.

The Pub today has an extension both to the rear and right hand side.

An old elm tree stood to the front of the building until it had to be destroyed because of Dutch Elm disease.

The pub also boasts a ghost in the form of a grey lady.

The pub has also been used as a film location. Shots were used in a film starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee called' The Night of The Big Heat'!
In June 1970 the Swan Pub caught fire and burned for eleven hours. Firefighters from Woburn Sands,Wolverton and Newport Pagnell attended the scene. Two firemen,inside the building when part of the roof collapsed, managed to scramble to safety.

To the landlord Mr Dick Smith and his wife, the fire; which was believed to have started in a small lean-to building at the rear of the thatched pub,was a disaster. Mrs Smith expressed the hope that the public house could be restored."It would be a shame to see a modern one go up in its place."

Pupils from Two Mile Ash Middle School help to bury a time capsule in the garden of the Swan Inn. Specially made by a local engineer, the time capsule contains; photographs, a copy of the local newspaper, brewery calendar and other momentoes.
Up to date the year 2000.