North Chapel
The North Chapel is believed to have been formerly founded as a chantry by Philip Aylesbury. It was further endowed by the Chaworths and Staffords in the reign of Henry V1 for prayers for their ancestors. It became the village schoolroom in 1580 and was in use until the School House was built in 1859. There is natural light from the large windows east and north.There are a number of 15th century tiles by Ricard on the sill of the east window. The Stuart Coat of Arms are hung over the north doorway.
This is a photograph of the original organ, now housed in the North Chapel. Note the legs of the organist's stool ,those at the front are shorter than those at the back to allow for the step. The organ is loud but , due to its position in the North Chapel , it cannot be heard by the congregation. In the future it may be moved to another position to improve the acoustics.
In 1637 the Visitations reported that ' There were organs and sold away by Mr Hipwell'.

There was also a mention of general decay in the church and chancel , but also belfry windows were ' greatly in decay in the glasswork'.

Maquette of proposed Sculpture Project for Milton Keynes Village by Scott Forrest 1989