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Church Bells
In 1978 the church bells were silenced. Major structural repairs were needed to the bell tower before the bells could toll again. 10 years later and £105,000 poorer the villagers once again received their early morning call.
Aliens visit pub
A science fiction film was shot on location at the gravel pits in Milton Keynes Village. 'Night of the Big Heat' starred Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Sequences were filmed around the pub too!
Legend has it
It is said that one night Dick Turpin himself, rode through the Village.
The Grey Lady
A ghost in the form of a grey lady has been seen within the old swan public house, others descibe the vision as a "short stumpy farm worker" Could this be the drink talking?
Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Elm Tree?
An old Elm tree marked the centre of the village for at least 400 years. When dutch elm desease struck fears grew that the old adage ... "if the tree dies there will be no more babies born in the village" might come true.

It was also said that" should the leaves not have fallen from the tree by Michelmas" that the landlord would have to" climb up and cut them off himself, or stand everyone a round of drinks"!

Jobs for women.

Milton Keynes Village and the surrounding area supported a thriving pillow lace industry. It is widely thought that Katharine of Aragon introduced lacemaking into the area whilst living in Ampthill in Bedfordshire. Reputedly, in hard times, when the villagers struggled to afford bread , she burnt her own lace as an excuse to make new orders.

Beer Rations
In the 1890's F. Barker the landlord of the Old Swan took delivery of Hipwells Beer from Olney twice each year, he felt that the beer was so strong that the villagers should be rationed to only two pints a day at a cost of 4d a pint.
Media tycoon turned down

Robert Maxwell the renowned newspaper owner was considered for the post of Chairman of the Milton Keynes Development Corporation when the new city was conceived.In the event the appointment went to Lord Campbell of Eskan.

Keynes versus Coucy

The two coats of arms are virtually identical, it is thought that the de Cahagnes (Keynes) family adopted the de Coucy coat of arms as a mark of respect in the thirteenth century as they were probably tenants of the former.

Coal Club for villagers

In January1894 W.D. Clarke an ex-Sergeant of the Metropolitan police came to live in Milton Keynes village as a poultry farmer. He formed a Coal Club to supplement the Squires gift of coal.


In 1894 the Parish Magazine noted that Allen Finch the Squire's son was safe and well, despite the fact that the rest of his troop had been wiped out by Matabele warriors.

The story of their last stand has become an epic in the history of the country , and their bones are laid near Rhodes himself at "The World's View" in the Matopos .

Meet the Villagers

Scott Forrest, a sculptor, interviewed villagers between 1986 and 1987 for his Documentary Sculpture Project. He produced bronze heads of the key characters within the village. These can be viewed in All Saints' Church.

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