The Two Mile


Click on Alison's photo to hear a clip from our radio broadcast explaining about the clutch club
We used as many medias as possible to help obtain as much information as we could. An advertisement was placed in the citizen appealing for residents recollections and our radio broadcast with John Pilgrim on Three Counties helped to promote our project.
Firstly the team collected all the data we required on Milton Keynes Village we personally interviewed existing and past residents for information, visited the Aylesbury Records office,took advice from The Two Village Archive Trust based in the village and just hounded anyone with any knowledge of village life.
Once we had collated all our information it was entered on to our I Mac computer (which none of us had any previous knowledge of)this was a time of great learning for us, but I think our results are worth looking at .We hope you enjoy browsing our web site and will return for updated information.

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