1.This is a prehistoric Mammoth tooth found in the gravel pits
2. Lewis Atterbury fell off his horse and drowned in Broughton Brook
3.This is an iron age quernstone ,two stones were used by hand, for milling
4. The name originated from The De Kaynes Family
5.Edward'Poynings Law' all laws passed in England also related to those in Ireland.
6. Computer Literacy Understanding Through Community History
7.The Spirit Of Milton Keynes
8. These are Saxon Bones. Now re-buried in All Saints' Church Yard
9. Reverend Fiennes
10.Queen Edith was married to Edward The Confessor
11. The Pondwykes are medieval fishponds. The outlines of which can still be clearly seen, located behind All Saints' Church
12.W.D.Clarke formed the Coal Club in 1894 to supplement the squire's gift of coal.
13.Francis Atterbury ,Bishop of Rochester and Dean of Westminster is buried in Westminster Abbey.
14. Scott Forrest is the sculptor of the 'heads' & a maquette - all can be viewed in the Church.
15.The school was founded by Reverend John Neale Dalton in 1858.
16.The Old Swan pub caught fire in 1971. This revealed wattle and daub indicating its age.
17.The original village of Middletone is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086.
18.The arch shaped roof is known as a cruck.
19. Hipwells beer was so strong it was rationed to 2 pints a day.
20.Plans of the House of Lords were found in Birds' Cottage. We believe the carpenters' took them as a souvenir whilst working there.