The Village Hall, originally called The Reading Room, was given to the village by the Squire of Stoke Park, Mr Wentworth Vernon, in 1878. Newspapers were purchased and left in the hall so those villagers able to take advantage could avail themselves of the latest news. When the estate was sold by the Vernon family in 1957, the building was saved for the village by the late Mr Taylor and was managed by a committee. By means of a grant and money raised in the community a kitchen extension was built and toilets installed by the beginning of the 60's. A new entrance lobby and store room was started in 1980 to complete the external appearance of the Village Hall as we see it today.
The Village Hall as now in 2000
The Village Hall is used by the children of the nearby Primary School as a gymnasium. It's also used as a Post Office and a local Doctor's surgery once a week. It is regularly hired out to the various Societies and Clubs and for any special events where a fair size floor area is required.
LEFT: This is a 1950's view of Church Lane with the Village Hall just behind the car on the left. All the cottages on the right and at the top of the hill were swept away by the mid 1960's.
RIGHT: The Reading Room, as it was still called in 1975, before the new entrance porch and store-room were added in 1980.