The foundation stone for a Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in Chapel Lane was laid on 13th August 1879, and it was opened for divine worship on New Year's day 1880. Built by local labour, mainly by men who worked on the land during the daytime.

It was closed as a place of worship in 1975 whereby it was converted to a Farm Museum displaying old farm equipment and live demonstrations of its uses.

The Farm Museum was closed in 1993 and was converted into Tea Rooms expanding later into the fully licensed restaurant which we see today.

ABOVE: This is a great picture of the Chapel taken in 1908. The cottage on the left is no longer there. Note the lamp standard opposite the Chapel which must have been oil lit, as gas has never been available in the village and electricity didn't arrive until the 1940's
LEFT: The modern day picture of the Chapel from this angle has changed little from the one above, save the street light and signage.
These two pictures above show the grand display put on inside the Chapel for Harvest Festival. The picture on the right is dated 1906
These two illustrations show the Chapel when it was a Farm Museum in the late 1950's. The left picture displaying some of the hand implements used by craftsmen of the 19th Century. The right hand picture is a demonstation of the butter making process, one of the live demonstrations that used to take place during this period of the Chapel's life.
RIGHT: This is a view of the Old Chapel as you enter the Restaurant from the Car Park side today. In its earlier life, as a Wesleyn Chapel, this would have had a garden wall protecting the grounds from the rope making activity going on behind.