The large detached red brick Georgian house alongside the canal, and today known as the Bruerne's Lock Restaurant, was formerly the home of Thomas Amos. He was a local J.P and a rope and twine manufacturer, ropes and cords of all kinds and for all purposes were made and cut on the premises. There was a rope walk behind the house and the rope was sold in a small shop at the far end of the building. By 1935 both the house and the business had been taken over by his daughter, Sister Mary Ward and her husband Charlie.

The shop was well stocked and sold everything from ropes, shoes, clothing, knitting wool and even Brylcream!

The shop was in a prime position from the point of view of the boating community and Charlie ran a savings scheme to allow them to purchase more expensive items such as clothes and shoes.

When the shop ceased trading Sister mary continued to live there and turned the former shop into her surgery.