Welcome to the Boat Inn

In 1919 Annie Woodward brought the Boat Inn from the Duke of Grafton having previously leased the property since 1877.

The Boat is still owned and run by the Woodward family.

Joseph Woodward took control in 1921 followed by his wife Emily in 1938. JohnWoodward took over in1968. John is now retired and can enjoy a pint of real ale beside the canalside whilst sons Andrew and Nicholas are busy running a thriving Inn and Restaurant.

Morris dancers outside the Boat Inn

The Year 2000

The Boat Inn Annie Woodward knew
Once filled with laughter and song from hard working boatmen and their families , The Boat is presently frequented by a mixture of local residents and tourists from all over the world .

One family travelled from America just to sit at the famous round table. The 200 year old red oak table at one time used to swivel. A group of men would sit at the table with pints of ale in front of them and one would be distracted with a tap on the shoulder .The table would then be spun round and the poor chap would end up with another drink, usually almost empty!

John Woodward tells us the table had to be nailed down in the end!!!

The Boat Inn Joseph Woodward knew
The Boat has been featured in a 1944 film called "Painted Boat", and has "starred" in many television programmes and advertisements over the years .