The village green at Woughton is the site of a former medieval village. Until the 17th century there were houses and farms on the green, but for unknown reasons they were rebuilt on the edge of the village and the original buildings on the green were left to decay. From around that time onwards the village was known as Woughton-on-the-Green.
Ye Olde Swan, Woughton-on-the-Green dates from the early 17th century.
Legend has it that the highwayman, Dick Turpin, used Ye Olde Swan as one of his hideouts.
Before Woughton Marina was constructed archaeologists found evidence of a 14th century farmhouse on the site. There was also evidence of a cottage which was used up until the 17th century. The site on which these two buildings and other farm outbuildings stood is now occupied by Woughton Marina, the OK Garage and part of Marlborough Street (V8).