Leisure Holidays
Angling is one of the Britain's top leisure pursuits. It's enjoyment comes from the challenge of man against nature, never knowing what, if anything, might be caught. It is also very relaxing spending a few hours a tranquil environment.
Fishing on canals is easier than river fishing because the water is still rather than running. After casting bait out it can be left, whereas if fishing a river you have to keep taking it out, casting it upstream, letting it drift and then re-casting again.
A perch caught on the Grand Union Canal at Peartree Bridge
The most common fish to be found in the canal are Perch, Roach and Gudgeon. Other species include Bream, Carp, Rudd, Chub, and Tench.

Until recently there was a 'Closed Season' in existence, which ran from mid-March until mid-June. Fishing during this time was not permitted.

Angling matches are regularly held at locations all along the Grand Union Canal through Milton Keynes.
Some of the most popular areas for fishing along the Milton Keynes stretch of the canal are The Galleon Stretch at Wolverton, Peartree Bridge, and just south of Fenny Stratford.