The Canal Environment
Vegetation Wildlife The Future
Due to economic and environmental reasons, the canal is no longer a viable means of transporting goods for trade and industry in today's society. However, the environmental benefits it offers are equally important. Being virtually untouched for the 200 years, the canal and surrounding land provides a wildlife refuge for a variety of plant life, birds, fishes and insects.
Who looks after the canal and the canal side?
The canal and land adjoining is owned and managed by a number of organisations who work together to preserve its heritage and maintain it for our use and pleasure. The Inland Waterways Association and British Waterways lease land from the council and are also responsible for issues concerning the water element of the canal. British Waterways are also responsible for the towpath hedge. Maintenance of the towpath, canal side verges and vegetation are the responsibility of Milton Keynes council. Some of the land adjoining the canal now comes under the ownership of English Partnerships who are free to build or maintain the land as they wish.