Shepherdswell School
The Shepherdswell Union Clutch Club are: Jeanne Davies, Marylyn Gallavan, Jon Gregory, Karen Hall and Yvonne Pandya. Mentor: Linda Empson
We are all parents of children who attend Shepherdswell First School, Springfield, Milton Keynes. We took part in the Clutch Club scheme run by The Open University and The Living Archive. The scheme is funded by The Millennium Commission which is one of The National Lottery's good causes.
Clutching at straws...Yvonne, Jeanne and Marylyn look through some photos as part of their research.
We researched a local history project in our area and have presented the research in this website. No one in the group had any previous experience of building a website. We hope to pass on the skills we have learnt to children at the school.
We chose to research the Grand Union Canal as it runs between Woolstone and Springfield in Milton Keynes. Shepherdswell School is situated in Springfield and most of it's pupils either live there or in Woolstone.
We hope you enjoy visiting the site as much as we enjoyed making it. Many other schools have taken part in the Clutch Club scheme, please visit their sites too.
Clutch Club member Jon Gregory dressed for a night out on the town!