When the shopping centre was opened in 1979, it was the largest covered shopping centre in Europe. With over 1,000,000 square feet of retail space, it housed a wide variety of shopping. The CMK shopping centre was advertised as having "Big shops, little shops, classy shops and bargain stores" and "the small specialist traders shops as well as the big high street names."
The outside of the building had a futuristic look to it, with its steel frame and thousands of panes of mirrored glass reflecting its own environment. The interior was made up of two arcades, naturally lit and climate controlled, running east to west and cross walks from north to south. These were equally glamorous with their marble paved floors and seats, surrounding beds planted with exotic plants and palms to rival Kew Gardens! Also incorporated into the structure was an outdoor garden court, landscaped with woodland trees and plants, and even a fountain.
With ease of access in mind, the centre was situated in the "heart of the city," less than ten minutes from both the M1 and the A5. Regular bus services from all over Milton Keynes and surrounding areas stopped alongside the covered walkways that lead into the centre. 5500 FREE parking spaces were also available within four minutes walk of the main building.
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