What was happening at School ?- 2000

The Millenium and beyond!


The last History Panel in this unique series, although unfortunately not yet ready for us to show on this website, will be a celebration of the new Millenium. It will show Russell First School poised to move forward with the 21st Century and the changes and improvements to the school which have been brought about as a direct result of Perfect Play 2000.
We also intend that this panel should be a public recognition of those community groups and individuals who, through their generosity, have helped us to realise the aims and asperaions of Perfect Play 2000.
This particular strand of Perfect Play 2000 has been partially funded by the individual sponsorship of a "square" of any given panel, at a subsidised cost of £5.00 per square. The idea is similar to the concept of buying a minute in time towards the cost of upkeeping an important historical national building or monument, or of buying a "brick" in the wall of your particular team's football stadium - whichever takes your preference!

Peter Osborne
At Russell First School we have limited the availability of sponsorship to 30 squares per panel, many of which have already been sold. Each sponsor receives a special commemorative certificate, designed by the history panel's artist Peter Osborne himself, showing the whole of their chosen panel with a name inscription of the sponsor's choice.
As we cannot show the History Panel for this era, we have used the beautiful mosaic made by the children at Russell First School to commemorate the 'Perfect Play 2000' project. The mosaic depicts the wildlife pond in our school orchard and is displayed on the wall outside school.
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