What was happening at school 1970-1999 ?

In 1970 the school became Stony Stratford County Infants School. The Junior department moved to St Mary and St Giles Middle School with Mr Yates as Headteacher.
Mrs Margaret Chapman was appointed Headteacher in April 1970, she later became known as Mrs Waters.
In 1974 a new extension was built to include the hall and three new classrooms. Children no longer sat in rows and the classrooms took on a more informal arrangement. During the 1970's the Initial Teaching Alphabet was introduced which was a system based on phonetics. In the 1980's reading became less structured and children chose from 'real' books. We now use Oxford Reading Tree materials and other schemes.
At this time children began to wear brightly coloured clothes in a range of styles and material, altering with the seasons and reflecting the children's personalities.
Paul Hussey became Headteacher in 1985. As the school needed major repairs he had to manage the children on three different sites.
In 1986 the canteen ceased to serve hot dinners. Children brought their own packed lunches or went home to dinner.
Iris Schenks, originally in charge of the nursery, became Deputy Headteacher and then Headteacher in 1992. Her calm and gentle manner had a very positive effect on the children in her care.
Mark Prentice joined the school in 1992 and was instrumental in strengthening the school's links with the community of Stony Stratford.
In September 1997 Gi Sierant came to the school as Headteacher. Under her guidance the school has launched, through the Parents Association, our Millenium project 'Perfect Play 2000'.
Russell First School is part of the Radcliffe Community of Schools which links schools within this area of Milton Keynes by providing mutual support and training.

1970 - 1999