What was happening at school?

In 1937 the new secondary school opened, St Giles and St Mary's Senior School, which is now the middle school. Children from the age of eleven went there and the younger ones remained here at Russell Street which then became Stony Stratford Council School, Juniors and Infants.
The school aquired a new two-unit classroom, with a cloakroom in the centre, in September 1938. This became the nursery in 1945 when it moved from the Congregational Church. The nursery had started there in April 1942 during the war years.
School meals were served in school from 1936 but in September 1949 the new canteen was built.
Mr Archibald Dormer replaced Mr Wright as Headteacher in 1942. Known as 'Pop Dormer' he was a disciplinarian and sometimes used the cane. Peter Osborne, who painted these panels, was caned by Mr Dormer along with three others for jumping over desks.
Mrs Gladys Cropper, who was in charge of the nursery from 1942 to 1975, was much loved by the generations of Stony Stratford children who were under her care.
Mrs Joan Smith was the school secretary for thirty years. She was known for her efficient and reliable administrative support to three different headteachers.
During the war years Stony Stratford Congregational Church and the Baptist Church had to be used as extra classroms to accommodate evacuees from London. The children carried gas masks with them.
In the classrom 'Janet and John' reading and workbooks came into use towards the end of this period of school history.
Clothing consisted of grey shorts, knitted jumpers or cardigans and dresses with smocking for girls. Balaclavas were often worn by the boys in winter with berets and 'pixie hoods' being popular amongst the girls.
Children at school could subscribe to the National Savings Movement. Deposits of one penny and upwards were invested in the School Savings Bank. With the introduction of the National Health Service a dentist started to visit school and treatment was given on site.
In 1960 Mr J Yates came as Headteacher to Stony Stratdord Primary School.

1937 - 1970