Children's Play 1937-1970

1937 - 1970

"We didn't have toys as such to play with, but we would amuse ourselves at playtime doing acrobats, piggyback rides or races, kiss- chase, five stones (jacks) and hop-scotch"
(Susan Tilson - Pupil 1948)

"We would go to the woods where manoeuveres had been held. There were manoeuveres at Wolverton where the Canadians came and after they left, we would go and forage as children and go and see what they left behind. Any bullet cases, any flashes off their arms or any buttons, cap badges or any memorabilia which we would then take into the playground and do our 'swaps'. In a way, it was an exciting time."
(Peter Osborne - Pupil 1942)

"We had a few toys built, wooden toys different people in the area built for us. We had a climbing frame and an old rickety slide, really it was very basic, but inside we had some nice toys. Mrs Cropper was allowed to order twice a year, you got so much per child apparently and when the toys came, you can imagine the excitement when we used to undo the boxes."
(June Holland - Nursery assistant 1950's)

"Lunchtimes and playtimes for me were mainly football. 'British Bulldog' was a very big thing, a game played in the late 1950's, a reason for many injuries. Conkers, I can remember going home and putting them in the oven and trying to make them more robust for playing with. The school had their own football, it was the old lace-up football which was used for football lessons and games, but we didn't have anything like that so we used to have all these rags and they used to go into a stocking and get knotted and that was your football."
(Derek Daniells - Pupil 1958)