What was happening at School?

In October 1907 Stony Stratford Council School was built in Russell Street and the British School was closed. There was an Infant and Junior department with separate Headteachers. Mr Jones was the Headteacher of the Junior school and Miss Ledger the Infant school.
In 1914 an extension was added with three extra classrooms, one of which is now the staffroom. Mr Wright became the new Headmaster in 1924. He replaced Mr Jones who died in 1923, aged 55. In 1930 the Infants and Seniors became one school and was known as Stony Stratford Council mixed School.
Mr Rockingham was the school caretaker at this time and is shown in the History Panel for this period, cutting bunches of holly from the hedge at the front of the school. The school would supplement its income by selling the holly, a practice recently revived by the Parents Association. The school would participate in community events, especially those of a patriotic nature, for example the celebrations to remember Empire Day.
Pens that were dipped in inkwells replaced the slate and slate pencils previously in use. Great emphasis was placed on producing exemplary copperplate handwriting. Times tables were chanted from the blackboard and those who transgressed were punished by the writing out of their offences in the form of 100 lines! Sometimes the children were made to stand with their hands on their heads.
Short trousers and socks superceded the Victorian plus-fours and gymslips replaced the white pinafores. Colours However remained drab and clothes did not alter with the seasons.
Headlice were a common problem and the 'nit' nurse was a regular visitor to the school. Children found with headlice were sent home and named in the school log book.
The bi-plane featured in this History Panel records the flight made by two children from the school, William Tysoe and Joan Knight when eleven scholars visited Bradwell on an educational visit. They went to see Sir Alan Cobham's aeroplane in September 1929 and in the absence of a school visits fund Mr Wright , the Headmaster, kindly paid their bus fares.

1907 - 1937