People at School 1907-1937

Just some if the people at school during this period were:-

1907 - 1937

Mr Jones was Headmaster until he died in 1923. Mr Wright became the new Headmaster in 1924

May Frisby - Pupil 1928

Joan Smith - Pupil 1925 then came back as School Secretary in 1954 until she retired in 1984

May Frisby - then

May Frisby - now

Mabel Smith - Teacher 1930-1932

Miss Tew - Teacher (who rode her bike to school every day from Stoke Bruerne)

Miss Ward - Teacher
"She was a great friend of mine, a brilliant teacher, good disciplinarian, planned her lessons meticulously. She was little and bright, quick with dark brown eyes, dark hair, friendly, pleasant, happy."
(Mabel Smith talking about her friend and colleague Miss Ward)

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