Children's Play 1907-1937

Former Pupils and a former Teacher tell of their experiences of playtime during this period at Russell First School:-

1907 - 1937

"We used to have 'hop-scotch', skipping, whips and tops, played 'tig' and all sorts of things like that. different to what the children do today."

Interview (111k)

(May Frisby - Pupil in 1928)

"The children played 'rounders', 'in and out the windows', 'I sent a letter to my love' and 'poor Jenny sits a weeping'.

(Mabel Smith - Teacher 1930-1932)

"We played skipping and held little concerts and dances in the shed."

A selection of toys from this Era.

(Joan Smith - Pupil 1925 and came back as School Secretary in 1954 until she retired in 1984)