Labour Victory

Back I'd spent most of the night suffering with tremendous backache; then at
around 4:30a.m I felt this incredible pain at the base of my spine and
promptly woke my husband at the time,who (half awake) called for an
ambulance and then proceded to throw up in the loo until it arrived.

About 8 minutes later we heard the ambulance and my husband shouted out of
the top floor flat's window "she say's she wants to push" but this fell on
unperturbed ears as the reply came back "don't worry you've got a long way
to go yet!".

Did I heck!

I was helped down the three flights of stairs and into the awaiting
ambulance,where I hoped I could get a bit of a lie down but oh no, I was
told there was no need for that and to sit tight.

We made our way to the Maternity Unit at Whalley Drive,and on arrival was
told that as I had been admitted to the Royal Bucks Hospital the week before
that's where we would have to go as all my notes were there.

The ambulance proceded on it's way but only as far as the Plough pub at
Water Eaton because my 'water's broke' and I told them I wanted to PUSH!.
The ambulance quickly made it's way back to Whalley Drive. I was taken
inside by a rather dishy looking guy ( who looked a lot like Noel Edmonds)
to the delivery room.

After a few minutes my son Jamie was born weighing just 3lb 14oz's. It
turned out he was 7 weeks early and was very ill indeed. But 5 weeks later
after spending a total of 1 week at the Radcliffe in Oxford and 4 weeks at
Royal Bucks. He was allowed home when his weight hit 5lb.

Angie Wright, Bletchley Resident