In order that he children evacuated to old bradwell might spend a happy christmas together, parents of these children decided to hold a large family party on christmas day in the Memorial Hall. For a number of weeks the parents had subscribed sums of money with which to cover expenses, and the promoter of the gathering, Mrs. Marshall of 50 Vicarage Road, had the excellent co-operation of the other evacuated parents.

The proceedings commenced in the afternoon when thirty children sat down to an excellently prepared tea by the mothers, and this was followed by the mothers and fathers themselves sitting down to tea. A Christmas tree was kindly lent by Mr. Jim Mead, and this was illuminated and decorated and ladened with a present for each child, the gifts being handed to them by Father Christmas in the person of Mr. G. Drage.

A concert followed given by the children, arranged by Joan Drage, who herself contributed popular songs, as did her sisters, Pat and Gwen, Shirley Marshall, Rita Allferie. Leslie Coole, and Gwen Voorley. Humorous numbers were given by George Vorley, Angelo Allferie, and Joey Burns, who were attired as girls, whilst little Johnnie Humphrey cleverly took the role of "The nuisance of the party". A London young lady, Ivy, was the pianoforte accompanist.

Later in the evening village residents were warmly-invited guests, and the hall eventually held a company numbering about 150. Miss Joan Drage was responsible for making paper frocks and other novelties.

Before the close Miss Gwen Drage presented Mrs. Marshall with a pot plant in appreciation of her organization of the effort.

A collection was taken of behalf of the Red Cross.