Old Bradwell Village Infants School, as remembered by its former pupils.
Agnes Stephenson, Hazel Smith, and Trevor Daniels were all pupils of the school during the war years. We also spoke to Mabel Brooks and Newman Goodger who remember a slightly earlier period in the school's history.

The school catered for children between the ages of 4 to 8 years, after which they would transfer to the Junior school in nearby New Bradwell.

The School Day

For most children the day would start with the walk to school. Children would walk alone or with friends, but not usually with parents. This as Newman says "was the accepted thing, people didn't think anything of it."

Children would enter the school through a small lobby where, "you could hang your coat, if you were lucky enough to have one!" many did not.

The school house was a single classroom with desks facing front.

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