Lessons and Activities

In the playground pupils remembered games of "what's the time Mr. bear" with Mrs. Willet often taking the part of the bear.

Some of the favourite memories of school life were those of the nature walks along Common Lane. Close to where the modern schools stand, children from another time would study nature and pick wild flowers. These would be either taken home to Mother or kept in school in jam jars. It left a strong impression on Mable Brooks.

Inside the school C1939

All of the ex-pupils we spoke to had happy memories of Old Bradwell Infants School. However of course there had to be discipline, Newman Goodger remembers "No talking in class." and described Mrs. Willet as "Firm but fair." Agnes remembered an incident told to her by her brother (who joined the school two years before her). Click to hear what happens to boys who play with matches.

The School Concert

For many the highlight of the school year was the Annual School Concert. This was given in the Memorial Hall, where children performed songs, poems, sketches and dances for the delight of their parents.

Even 60 years on ex-pupils could not resist giving us their versions of old school favourites.

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Agnes & Hazel perform "Miss Nan Knockabout."

Murial Brooks perform "My Porridge Plate."

A description of a performance of "Prince Paul Percival."

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