The Lives of children in Old Bradwell during WWII

Site Information.

Site Info.

This web site was funded by the millennium awards scheme, with training and support from the Open University and the Living Archive. The group Mentor was Val Hall. Section Authors were:

War in the Village: Gill Varney

Evacuees: Phil Dyer.

School Days: Phil Dyer.

Toys: Claire Scrimshaw & Phil Dyer.

Home Life: Maggie Read.

Quiz: Phil Dyer.

Site Research was by the above with additional help from Jane Chapman.

Priory Common Clutch Club would like to thank the following for their help with the project.

  • Mr. Armstrong
  • Hazel Battrick
  • Ray Bellchambers
  • Mable Brooks
  • Joanne Charlesworth
  • Irene Cornelius
  • Trevor Daniels
  • May Garner
  • Newman Goodger
  • Muriel Lester
  • Milton Keynes Museum
  • Bletchley Park
  • Mary Shouler
  • Agnes Stephenson
  • Marjorie Stimpson
  • Brian Varney
  • The families of those who undertook the project for their patience, understanding and support.