Living Conditions

The Kitchen - Family life centred around the kitchen. It was probably the warmest room in the house. Central heating as we know it, was not used in these houses.

A lot of families would use a range similar to the one shown below. The range would be used for cooking, heating the room, and boiling water for cooking, and washing.

The village did not have mains water and water had to be drawn from nearby wells and carried to the houses nearby.

The kitchen normally would have red brick or lino on the floor and maybe a rug for warmth.

A Range
On Saturday evenings, people from the village would take their cake mixes to Mr Buckingham, the baker and he would cook the cakes in his ovens when his shop closed. On Sunday they would take their joints of meat to him to be cooked.
Hazel Battrick and Marjorie Stimpson recall:
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