Children's Entertainment

As there was no television, the children in the village made their own entertainment.

They used what they could find to make their own toys and games.

Hide and seek around the village and in the Hills and Hollows was a favourite with all the children. They also camped in the woods and made tents. Hopscotch and leap frog were also played.

Boy playing with spinning top
Boy playing with a hoop
Children also played with wooden hoops and with spinning tops similar to those shown above.

The girls used to play "Cats Cradle". This was done by winding a loop of string around the hands.

Another favourite was French Knitting using a cotton reel with 4 pins put into the top of it. Wool was then threaded through and in and out of the pins.

The boys played football on the Recreation Ground, using two coats for goal posts.

The frame of an old pushchair with a carpet seat was used to ride down the hill in the village. Obviously there was not the worry of traffic that there is in the village today.

At harvest time the children would wait for the farmer to bring the sheaves of hay back to the farm and then have rides on the carts - this was great fun, but as people from the village remember, very dangerous.

The children who grew up in the village said "We made all our own fun - we had a good childhood, we laughed a lot".

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