February 28th. The stove which filled our room with smoke was swept in the weekend. It has gone well this week.

May 9th. The Dentist took 2 days for fillings and extractions. The first day we spent part of the time in the playground and part of the time in Mr. Beach's garage, but there was not room enough for us to sit down. It was very cold.

The second day the hall was hired for the Dentist and the children were able to stay at school and work as usual.

May 29th. This has been War Weapons Week and we have sold stamps and certificates. Our total is £32.10.0. This is a grand total for a small school.

June 6th. Attendances are low, I have 11 cases of Whooping Cough.

July 31st. We examined all respirators. We have, before now, taken parts of lessons with our gas masks on. e.g. drawing, knitting and clay modeling.

School closes for the summer holiday this afternoon, it will however be open for the evacuees.

December 19th. The children have made themselves head bands - the boys Red Indian ones with dyed feathers - the girls knitted wool ones with Lazy daisy stitch. We had a party this afternoon. The children had cakes and lemonade and then took home their cards and headbands. Their little faces testified that they had had a happy time.

April 20th. I was taken ill with Tonsillitis on March 13th. and was away from school until April 14th. Meanwhile the concert was given very successfully under Mrs. Spicer's able guidance. The result of the concert and draw is that we have £6.2.0 after paying for the hall, I made this £6.10.0 and on friday two children (drawn by lot) went with me to the Post Office to send this sum to the Chancellor of the Exchequer for our sailor.

May 1st. We have received a letter of thanks from the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

December 23rd. Yesterday afternoon and dinner time the children sang carols in the village for the Red Cross. We raised £4.0.0. We are very pleased with the result.

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