May 31st. Tonight we are giving our concert in the Hall.

Last Tuesday the Dentist came. It was a very wet day and we did not know what to do, fortunately for us Mr. Beach's garage was empty and he kindly allowed us to use that while the dentist had our school.

June 7th. The concert was a great success. we took £3.11.1. I have a receipt for 5/- which I paid for the hire of the hall. There is a total left of £3.6.1. After the First Aid Committee have purchased what they consider necessary for the village A.R.P. work, the rest of the money will be sent to the Red Cross.

June 12th. This morning I received a letter from the Education Office telling me to close the school...This closure is "Owing to uncertainty surrounding developments in the general situation".

Note: the above entry refers to the effective defeat of the British Army in France and the threat of imminent invasion.

June 24th. Last week most of the children came to school and we worked but used blackboards instead of books.

June 28th. A lavatory door has fallen in jamming three little boys. They had the sense to jump on the seat and so were unhurt.

I have to put a pail out to catch water in the middle of the floor after every shower.

Mr. Bird is repairing these things.

September 6th. On Tuesday we had an Air Raid warning. Four parents came to school to fetch children home. I looked after the rest of the children scattering them in groups round the room, keeping them as safe as possible because NOTHING HAS YET BEEN DONE to the windows.

September 13th. On Thursday we had another Raid warning during the morning. as NOTHING has been done to the glass we cannot carry on with our work. We scatter as best we can from the windows, under desks and behind cupboards and sing songs.

September 20th. There has been an evacuation I have a total of 44 on the registers. Some mothers have given me the names of 5 more children to come on Monday. That will be 49. I need more desks.

September 27th. Mrs. Spicer has been transferred from Wolverton to my school, as I have 50 children whose ages range from 4 to 8. She came on Monday and we have been working happily together since.

October 14th. The Newport Infants Headmistress cycled over to my house on Friday evening with some curtain net for my windows. I cycled over to Mr. Bird with it and he has covered the windows during the weekend. There have been 4 Air Raid periods today. During the second, which lasted until 12.40. I gave the children a biscuit each.

October 31st. The siren went in the dinner hour and the All Clear did not sound until 3.45. Consequently no children came to school at all.

November 15th. We have only 40% attendance this week owing to measles.

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