The School Day

The school day would begin at 9 am. with the children saying grace. this would be followed by the daily literacy and numeracy activities. Hazel Smith remembers.

There would be a morning playtime when the children were given a 1/3pt. of milk, Agnes and Hazel remembered that in the winter it was so cold that the milk froze; "you would have to bring the milk in and put it in front of the fire to thaw out." Heating was provided by an open fire or sometimes a very smoky stove.

At playtimes the boys and girls had separate playgrounds; the girls thought of the boys side as "forbidden territory" except for one occasion when there was a bat hanging on a wall in the boys side and the girls were allowed in to look at it.

School closed at 12.00 for lunch and most children went home but a few would stay in school with their "daily jam sandwich". School restarted at 1 pm. and continued until 4 pm. As a special treat on birthdays children were allowed home 10 minuts early with two friends.

The School Grows

During the WWII period the population of the Infants School shot up from the low 20's to 60 children. This did not happen all at once nor did the numbers stay the same throughout the war.

The first evacuation in 1939 was (as far as the school was concerned) relatively short lived. Most of the children who came in September had returned home by December. The Willesden teachers all went to New Bradwell and although Mrs. Willet had the use of a helper for a short time, it was not until September 1940 with the numbers nearing 60 that another London teacher (Mrs. Spicer) was transferred from Wolverton to help. For the rest of the war period the children were taught in two groups.

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