Their business grew and Mr. Mann persuaded Mr. Hinde that they should move to a larger factory. The factory was built over a period of time and was operating for more than a year before its official opening.

When the factory was originally built it had two storeys and was much smaller than the building that is there today. Over the years the factory was extended three times until it was the size it is now.

Factory stage 1
Factory stage 2
Factory stage 3 under construction
With the opening of the factory it meant that the first time many people had regular work for the first time, they had a regular income and set hours. People started to look to the future and many brought their own homes. The area around the factory was brought and developed by a local builder and soon workers from the factory occupied many of the new houses. Records show that a house in Station Road (which is now Midland Road) sold for £80. Today a similar house would sell for in excess of £100,000 quite an increase!
Typical house in Midland Road
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