The Community
After some time the congregation numbers dropped, from a full church to just a handful of people per service. Many left to join Methodist's and Baptist churches. However it wasn't just his beliefs that turned them away, he was an obstinate man with little discression, which upset many people. Notices were put up on the church notice boards notifying times of services dedicated to Mary and other similar catholic services.
As time went by it became clear that Rev. Guest wasn't carrying out many of his duties, the church and it's grounds became in need of much attention. There had also been many discrepancies with church accounts.

The congregation took many steps to remove Rev. Guest from St. James Church, but the Bishop claimed he was powerless to remove him. Rev. Guest had the right to stay the vicar of St. James Church until he decided to retire or died, and he had vowed that he would not he leave until he had drew his last breath. See page 8

Above is one of the many letters sent to the Bishop.