Help us to find Reverend Guest's notorious bicycle.

WE KNOW IT IS STILL AROUND, believed to be in a musuem collection, so far despite extensive research we have been unsuccessful in our search. We know it was offered to, but not accepted by the Museum of Industry and Rural life, Wolverton. By whom and when we do not know.

What we do know.

Reverend Guest had the bicycle specially adapted, it had a footplate fixed on below the handlebars for him to rest his feet on whilst free wheeling down the canal hill in New Bradwell. It had an old motorbike saddle. It was repaired by Grafton cycles,Wolverton in 1935 after was involved in an accident.
We need your help to bring our story into the 21st century, any information gratefully received.

E-Mail us at New Bradwell clutch club.

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