The following is an account from the Illustrated London Gazette of June 19th 1858. It describes the time when due to the expansion of Wolverton works and the need to house the workers. The railway company wanted to increase the size of Wolverton, but were unable to get any more land to build on. They were forced to look further afield, luckily one mile down the road they spied the parish of Stantonbury.

The name Stantonbury derived from William the Conqueror who had bestowed the manor of Stantone along with several others to Milo Crispin. His descendants took the surname of Barre and so in time Barry was added to Stanton. The estate passed through several different families over the centuries until it became the property of the Earl Spencer of Althorpe in Northamptonshire. It was from the Earl that the L & NW Railway Company purchased the land to create New Bradwell and Stantonbury.

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