Saturday 10th April 1909

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Easter Weddings

Until the validity of marriages was confirmed at St.James, the first two couples wanting to be married, took their vows in the ancient Norman Church of St Peters at Stanton Low.

These Weddings took place on the Easter Saturday of 1909 and the following account of proceedings is based upon the Northampton Daily Chronicle for that day.

The Church itself was not easy to get to, however as it was a Saturday, the Wolverton Works was closed and many people had followed the rough paths to St. Peters.The first Wedding was between Walter Bull and Clara Hawkins at 11.30am and the second between George Pedder and Edith Townsend.(see picture above).Half an hour before the first wedding the Rev.Guest ordered the burning of incense inside the church to purify the atmosphere, when the bridal party arrived they were led round the churchyard singing 'The King of Love my Shepherd is', on entering the church 'Fight the good Fight was sung. During the proceedings there were obviously high spirits as the Rev.Guest was reported to have said "This is not a beanfeast but a very solemn occasion".

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