We have been researching 'The life and times of the Revd Allan Newman Guest',who was the vicar of New Bradwell from 1908 to 1946. He was well known locally as quite a character and we have been investigating some of his exploits and the people who knew him. Whilst researching the Revd Guest, we have been talking with people in the local community who were living here and remember him, in order to gather new information. We have also been using some memorabilia from the Living Archive.

The Guest Girls are: Tracy Whitmore, Brigid Burke, Claire Reeve, Debbie Rice, Dionne Pilborough, Frances Neal and Jane Privett.
The Guest Girls would like to thank the following people for their time,help,research and memories which have proved invaluable towards the making of this website-

The New Bradwell Combined School

The New Bradwell School Choir

Teachers and all of Year 4

The Open University

The Living Archive

Reverend J.Stoker

Miss. K. Grew and Mrs M.Bignall

Mr & Mrs L.Coleman

Sylvia Mead - For her reading of the Stantonbury Village Poem.

Bill May

Mr J. Cunningham - For the use of his song from the 'Jovial Priest Play'.

The Family of Mrs Doris Blunt - For the use of the Stantonbury Village Poem.

We would like to thank our respective partners for all their support.

Most importantly we extend our thanks to Mr & Mrs A.N. Guest for their wonderful hospitality as without their help this project couldn't have come into being.