The Chapel was established in 1819 as part of an “outreach mission” to five nearby villages by the Rev. William Bull, the Independent Minister of Newport Pagnell, and services were conducted by students of the Theological Academy he had founded back in 1782. From 1819 up until 1823 the congregation met in a barn and sat on straw bales, but on October 15th 1823 the new chapel building was opened, and the sunday school opened with 23 children on roll. On February 26th 1885 the chapel was taken over by the Wesleyan Methodists. The chapel prospered, and in 1905 could boast 45 pupils and 7 teachers in its Sunday school. As late as 1952 there were 36 pupils attending the school.
View of the Chapel as it was between 1885 and 1985.
By 1971 the chapel building was old, and by now the congregation had dwindled to just five regulars. Since 1983, with the ingress of Milton Keynes, the chapel has been made part of the ecumenical parish, its worshippers have joined up with St. Lawrence’s church, and the building is utilised for community hirings.
View of the Chapel as it looks today.
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