New Bradwell and Bradwell Village Clutch Club (Computer Literacy Understanding Through Community History) members are

Alison Bancroft, Tracey Brown, Linda Sholl, Paul Newbury.

Mentor - New Bradwell School - Jane Privett.

Mentor - Bradwell Village - Carolyn Baker.

New Bradwell and Bradwell Village clutch club members would like to thank the following for their help and support:-
Headteachers - Mr White of New Bradwell and Mrs Kennington of Bradwell Village.

Interviewees and providers of source material - Sylvia Mead, Mrs Jennie Goodman, Mrs Irene Goodman, Olwen Crisp, Graham Crisp, Lesley Bonner, Muriel Lester, Roger Drage of MK Museum, Spencer Street Members, Living Archive.

Parents who gave permission for their children's pictures to be used on the web pages.

The Schools for use of the premises.

All Technical support staff at Open University and Living Archive.

Family and Friends for support.

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