Memorial Village Hall
The hall also provides a memorial for those who fought and gave their lives in the first world war.

A stone inscription in the entrance vestibule bearing the words

"Thank God for the men of Pillinge and Elstow Brickworks
who were faithful unto death 1914 -1918"

Four stone panels bear the names of the eighty men.

The Building Layout

To one side of the vestibule is was an oak staircase that led to a committee room and for the ladies sewing meetings.

A fire proof room was built to house the cinema apparatus.
The main hall has seating to accomodate 300 people at any one time. Ideal

The floor was constructed of maple ideal for dancing. The ceiling has two domes from which electric lighting and ventilation are provided for the hall. Speakers are secreted within the hall
A stage provides entertainment in the form of concerts and plays. A section of flooring at the front of the stage is movable for extensions to the stage area.

On the left is where the organ was situated. There are dressing and store rooms beneath the stage which also houses the heating system and organ blowing-chamber. To the side is a recessed kitchen for refreshments.
Above the stage is a self contained flat with two bedrooms for the caretaker.

In 1976 a planning application was made to provide a seperate bar and kitchen areafor the hall. These will be built as an estension running along the Easten side of the hall with access through moveable doors to the main hall.

The year 2000 has seen has seen a refurbishment of the exterior of the building.