Credits and Acknowledgements
This Web Site has been researched, designed and produced by:

the "Brickies", who are Kim Austin, Roma Booth, Fred Cook, Sue Scott and Helen Smith.

  • Hanson Brick- Carole Bellwood, Craig Manning and Staff
  • Chris Andrews- Bedford Museum
  • Anne Baxter- Stewart Family Contact
  • Anne Roby
  • Marston Vale Middle School- Mr Godfrey (Mentor) Colin Billington, Sally Delaney and Staff
  • Bedford Central Library
  • Broadmead Lower School
  • Guy Lamborne Marston Vale Forest Centre
  • Bob O'Brian
  • Jean Tails
  • Barbara Smith
  • Margaret Knight
  • Shelley & George Scott
  • Jan Biggs
  • Chris Atkins
  • Jon Scott for Technical Advice
  • Gary Barlow Boilce for Technical Advice
  • Fred's friend the Bricklayer
Thank-You to our families for support and tolerance while we were doing this project.

Special Thank-You to Debbie Barrington for the loan of her iBook when two days before dead-line the Computer DIED.