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Did You know?
  • Until recently several of the churches in the brickfields area have included 'green' bricks in their harvest festival celebrations. Truely fruits of the earth perhaps it isn't so strange. Bricks are cooked in a similiar fashion to bread or cakes and are a staple of Life. Bricks and bread were considered in the same catergory by the Monopolies Commission in 1973 because they were both felt to be basic industries.
  • The trade-name Phorpres came about because Fletton Bricks are pressed twice in each direction so that they are literally 'four pressed' if the phrase is pronounced quickly it becomes Phorpres!
  • Elstow demolition of works chimneys was included in an episode of 'Some Mothers Do 'Av Em'- Frank Spenser, the accident prone star of the comedy series allegedly caused the collapse but it was actually demolition experts George Williams of Cambridge. The BBC were looking for a demolition site and LBC was just about to demolish the works at Elstow so the two companies got together to make the most of the event.
  • Another BBC programme, the space adventure Blake 7, had scenes recorded in the disused pit at Coronation Works, the BBC believed that the old pit would make a convincing lunar landscape.
  • In 1936 2000 people worked at Stewartby Works, today 2900 work for Hanson Brick in Europe.