The Pits.
Quest was officially opened in February 1983 in a blaze of publicity, as a review from the London Brick Company's own magazine, LBC Review shows. The pit is still being worked today.

Hanson Brick, the current owners of the Stewartby brickfield, occasionally allow guided tours of their works and visitors are taken to Quest Pit. Once in the pit it is impossible to ignore the sheer scale of present day operations. The navvy that 'wins' the clay is huge, dwarfing the landrover used to transport visitors. The bucket on the navvy removes approximately 6.25 cubic metres of clay at a time - roughly the weight of one landrover! The conveyor belt that runs all around the brickworks can be seen working. This takes the freshly crushed clay from the navvy to the first of the brick sheds and the beginning of the brickmaking process.

Any unsuitable clay is left on site and used to landscape the pit area already worked. This area was already begining to green over. There was a second conveyor belt that removed the unwanted clay but this is disused now.

No definite plans have been made for the pit when it is worked out.