Sir Percy Malcolm Stewart
Following in the strong Stewart tradition he had a

"deep understanding of human nature, a leading industrialist with a keen business brain, who put the welfare of his employees first." London Brick Review.

Percy Malcolm was born into a very devote and educated background, and with his own special abilities together with an excellent education he was to become an equal to his father in the industrial world.

Very early on Percy Malcolm was invited to join Stewart Brothers and Spenser alongside his father and it was together that they became interested in the Brick industry in 1899. His career in business was very impressive, setting up and chairing many industry associations to become one of Britains leading industrialists. But it was at London Brick together with his father, that he was able to realise one of his dreams. Like his father before him he believed in ploughing profits back into industry not looking for quick profits, and this together with his strong commitment to good working and living conditions for his employees led to the creation of the Model Village of Stewartby and Working Conditions rarely seen before in any industry.

Fifty-one years of his life were spent in the Brick Industry, twenty-five as Managing Director and twenty-five as Chairman of the London Brick Company.

In 1937 his achievements were recognised with a Baronet and taking his second name became Sir Malcolm Stewart. He retired at the age of 79 years to the Lodge at sandy.

Following his death in 1951 when the whole of Stewartby mourned the loss of their patron, it was a mark of his love of Stewartby that his ashes were to remain here in the United Church of Stewartby.

Sir Malcolm Stewart was a man of great vision who is remembered for his great kindness and generosity, by working colleagues and villagers alike.