Packman's Pit and Lathbury Bridge.


Packman's Pit has changed in the last fifty years. It has since partly been filled in with land fill. It now only has water in times of heavy flood since the river course was diverted to Middle North Bridge and new weir. The flooding which also happens across the meadow to the right of Lathbury Bridge is testimony to the amount of water which can accumulate. Maybe filling in Packman's Pit has had a knock on effect!
Packman's Pit 2000, bereft of water, very different from 1798.
Packman's Pit filled with flood water in April 2000.
Above the old river course to Packman's pit, alive again with flood water in April 2000
Packman's Pit is situated next to the garage on the junction of the road to Sherington and Lathbury