List of People who have helped Lovat Clutch Club

Special mention to Don Hurst and Mike Pratt for helping us and making us realise there was enough information and photographic evidence to sustain our project

Mr Bob Brookes (Head Teacher) for making the project possible
Mrs Elaine Brown for being our Mentor
Mrs Jennifer Mazzone (Teacher at Lovat School) Thanks for interview help and choir tape
Mrs Restina Pembroke (Teacher at Lovat School) Thanks for choir tape
All of the School choir for singing "All things bright and beatiful"
Mrs Margaret Fisher (Teacher at Lovat School) Thanks for the interview tape
Mrs Glynis Richardson, school clerk for all the extra work we caused and her great patience.
Mrs Kathy Betteridge for costume help.

Children in year 6 who have shown a great interest in our project.
Seven dressed in 1810 costume to remind us when the Iron Bridge was build. They looked smashing.

Newport Pagnell Historical Society for being such a good museum

Mr Denis Mynard and Mr Julian Hunt for allowing us to refer to their book called "A Pictorial History of Newport Pagnell" - an invaluable source of information

Mr Arthur Pemberton for his Iron Bridge history
Mrs Audrey Lambert for her Ideas sheet.
Mr Wim Visscher for allowing a visit to the Parchment Works
Fran at The Book Station who also saw the need for more information on Newport Pagnell's rivers
Mrs Lyn Hollinshead for making her late husband Ken's story tape available
Mr Gerald Stratton for his interview and knowledge of Newport Pagnell
Mrs Peggy Page for photographs and books
Jane Wolfson for tape recorder and books

All those who we have interviewed and given up their valuable time
Mr Ted Bayliss
Mrs Connie Hilton
Mrs Shirley Clitheroe
Mr Ken Compton
Mr Tom Gollins
Mr William Charles (Bob) Lock
Mr Brian Loxley
Mrs Barbara Newcombe
Mrs Sheila Riddy
Mr Brian Riddy
Mrs Jean Simons
Mr Ray Simons
Mr Peter Stanton (Also for tour of Parchment works)

Lastly but not least our families for putting up with us while we have left the housework - especially Peter Osgood, Tony Riddy and Dave Watts who have taken photographs

For all the photographs we have used - especially Mike Pratt, Darrell, Mr Mason and Stockwave of Aylesbury
Late Miss Katherine Bull and her father the Late Mr Frederick Bull
Late Mr Newman Cole
Late Miss Margaret Salmons

Do not forget we couldn't have started, managed or coped with our project without the superb help from The Open University Team and Living Archive Team.