Old Lavendon
by Nell Collins

Lavendon, the old Lavendon

The place where I was born

I first made its acquaintance

On a lovely July morn

Lavendon, the old Lavendon

I remember it so well

For I had such a happy childhood

In the house where I used to dwell

I can still see the old village smithy

With the children standing around

Watching them shoeing the horses and the

Sparks as they fell to the ground

And in fancy I see the old sweetshop

Like the smithy, it's not there anymore

And I can still see the name 'Lois Taylor'

Printed over the door

I think of the old village people

They were the salt of the earth

Working from sun up till sun down

For wages not nearly their worth

In those days, children were many

The shillings men earned were few

But somehow they seemed to manage

By hook or by crook they got through

They worked very hard did the old folk

They were worn out, body and soul

And when they fell ill, poor devils

They couldn't go on the dole

But neighbours were neighbours in those days

With always a helping hand

They didn't wait to be asked

Those neighbours, why they were grand

But LAVENDON the LAVENDON of today

Is not what it was of yore

The LAVENDON I loved and remember

Is gone, vanished for ever more