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Next to the Horseshoe Inn, where the Village Hall car park is now, was known as Horseshoe Yard or 'The Dust Hole'. There were two rows of four houses on each side with a wide yard between them. The houses were sideways on to the road with gardens behind them and to one side of the gardens were the outside toilets. The owners of the properties were forced by much petitioning to demolish this eyesore and to level the ground off.

The overall state of the houses during this time was very poor. Young couples left the village to find houses. Houses that came free in the village were left to become derelict. The Parish Council appealed to the County Council for something to be done.

The first set of council houses were built in the 1930's. There were nine built, three blocks of three, on Olney Road on what used to be called Underwood Hill.

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