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During the early 1930's, there was a local man called Bert Davis who owned a charabang which he used to drive from Lavendon to Wellingborough and Lavendon to Olney. Within a year he had sold the small bus and had two bigger ones. He ran a service from Lavendon to Olney every Thursday and also on a Saturday. The return fare to Olney was 8d (approx. 3p). He would put his passengers off at the Cowper Museum and wait for them to do their shopping before bringing them back to Lavendon.

During the 1920's Gross of Northampton ran a bus service from Northampton to Lavendon - one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The bus was a big tall open-topped double decker with slotted seats inside and on the top deck.

It also had solid tyres.

Next door but one to the Old George Inn, on the Square, there was a garage. It had a tin zinc roof that sloped down and two big black doors big enough to drive a bus through. A bus was kept in there and during the 1930's it took the workers to the factories around Wollaston and Bozeat.

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Rod Moore speaking about Bert Davis