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Milk maids and Milk men!
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The Lower Farm (now Gregory's Riding Stables) supplied milk to the village. It was run by the Ingram Family.

Lower Farm had their own dairy but instead of it being sold and collected by a lorry, Iris Ingram used to bring the milk round on her bike. She used to have a can on each handlebar and came to your door. You would take a jug to her and she would ladle the milk in and you would pay whatever it cost. (A lorry came each day to the farms and picked up the churns and took them to the big dairy).

Mr Glasscock kept the Post Office on Olney Road, and also kept a few cows on the orchard at the back of the shop and on a field off Northampton Road. He milked the cows twice a day and took the milk around the village whilst it was still warm.

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